Tall Ship Program Of Sail Training

4 Jul

A new initiative has been started by Sail Training organization in Ireland.

The last week of January saw the organization holding their fifth annual prize event where they also announced a new initiative called Tall Ship program named The Voyage. The launch event was at the Mansion house located in Dublin. This new initiative will be held in the cities of Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin. This initiative also includes several water based events like International Mersey River Festival, The Dublin Port River Fest and Belfast Maritime Festival. These programs have been designed to be part of the initiative that will help celebrate several important cultural, historical and maritime activities in these regions. The three concerned city councils will have delegates at these events.

Sail Training is targeted towards helping young people to pick up sailing skills as well as those who are with disabilities or are financially disadvantaged to be able to pursue sailing has a skill or vocation. Such people will get opportunities to sail and travel under the voyages planned under Tall Ship initiative. This initiative has been operational for some time and has helped about 1200 people to go to sea. Last year the program funded about 300 trainees who were able to sail the sea and cross the waters of Europe.

Similar number of trainees would be funded under the 2017 program. The program includes young people from different places like community groups, schools, immigrants, asylum seekers, residential care homes, those with physical and visual impairments and others. The main aim of the program is to provide a unique perspective and exposure to a vocation that many people do not get to try. It also helps build self confidence, survival skills, motivate people in life and help them undergo a unique adventure on the open waters and seas.

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